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Friday, 15 January 2010

Dead Before Dawn - A Left 4 Dead Campaign

Dead Before Dawn - A Left 4 Dead Campaign | 2GB

Dead Before Dawn is the work in progress campaign also known as Crossroads Mall.

If this is the first time you have heard of it then you have missed out on a lot. It was originally created for the HL2 Mod: No More Room in Hell. A few weeks ago, I contacted the creator, Darth_Brush, to find out if he was planning on porting it to Left 4 Dead. Since that day, Darth_Brush and a hand selected few community members have been working on it non-stop. With no SDK for Left 4 Dead yet, we are forced to work on the campaign using the HL2 Source engine. At first we wanted to use the Crossroads Mall for a large map but we have decided to create a full campaign from it. The idea behind the campaign is to recreate as many scenes from the movie it was inspired from, Dawn of the Dead (2004).

As players explore the campaign, in each chapter they will notice distinct locations from the movie. These locations and many more easter eggs are being implemented as we speak. So many things have changed or have been added to the campaign that I thought it neccessary to record a new video to show chapter 2 and what we plan on doing with it.

Simply playing in the mall just won't cut it. So, we decided to add some puzzles and obstacles to it. Around every corner, you will have to fight hordes, avoid traps, disable security and a few other things. This video is merely a teaser and is in no way near the final product. There are a lot of things that still needs to be added to the campaign and we will make sure that this campaign is near perfect before we release it.

Please note that this campaign is a Work In Progress and still needs a lot of attention. For instance, the lighting. Once we have our hands on the Left 4 Dead SDK, these things will be fixed.




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