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Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Dr.Web Security Space Final

Dr.Web Security Space - the best solution for comprehensive protection of PC from Internet threats: viruses, rootkits, email worms, hacker utilities, computer scams, spam messages fishingovyh infected Internet sites, and cyber-crime, anti-children. An important indicator of the quality of the antivirus program is not only its ability to find viruses, but also to treat them, not just delete the infected files, together with important information for the user, but also return them to their original healthy state.
Ability to work on already infected computer and exclusive virusoustoychivost release Dr.Web among all other similar programs. Intelligent spam filtering technology to Dr.Web Security Space, based on several thousands of rules, does not depend on the language in which the written message. Technology antispama Dr.Web reduce the risk of getting the right messages in 'Spam' to record in the industry minimum. Protocol HTTP, used for sending HTML-pages and their components (scripts, graphics, applets, etc.) browsers is one of the sources of viruses and malicious objects in computer systems. Module SpIDer Gate in real time.

Key features:
- Improved! Detection and neutralization of viruses and malicious sites to hard disk drives, removable media and memory
- The interception of downloads on the fly all the files on disks, diskettes, CD / DVD / Blue-ray drives, Flash-and smart-cards
- Improved! Protection against viruses that use rootkit-technology
- Improved! Detection and neutralization of virus present in memory and never met in separate files
- Improved! Protection against unknown threats using technologies nesignaturnogo search Origins Tracing and intellectual Dr.Web heuristic analyzer
- Improved! Identification of viruses in the files of any degree of nesting sites and packed
- New! Checking files compressed packers, including those not known, with the help technologists FLY-CODE
- Check incoming and outgoing mail for viruses in the protocols SMTP/POP3/NNTP/IMAP
- Protection from mass mailings to e-mail messages computer worms
- Filtering spam, phishing, pharming, skamming messages and technical spam
- New! Check the web pages in real time and secure downloading only «clean» the content from the Internet
- New! Blocking fishingovyh and other dangerous internet resources
- New! Blocking access to the portable data storage, network devices, drives, as well as individual files and directories, which makes it impossible to removing or stealing confidential information
- New! Blocking of sites by category
- New! Protection against cyber-crime, anti-children
- Protection against theft of passwords to online games, social networks, systems, electronic money, credit cards
- Protection from falling into the bot-nety
- Scanning on demand \ individual schedules audits PC
- Automatic updates

Components of protection:
- High-performance Scanner Dr.Web quickly checks RAM, boot sectors, hard disks and removable media, and is neutralize viruses, Trojan programs and other malicious sites.
- Which is part of the Dr.Web Shield scanner can detect viruses hidden in the system (root-kits), and stealth-viruses.
- File Monitor SpIDer Guard provides real-time protection and instantaneous intercept all requests to files on disk, diskette, CD-ROMs, Flash-cards and smart cards. This is an extremely effective, Behind the user a means to continuously monitor the health of your computer has a high resistance to attempts to impair the operation of malicious programs SpIDer Guard or stop his work.
- Module self Dr.Web SelfPROtect malicious sites restrict access to network files and folders, some registry branches and removable media to the level of system drivers, from attempts to protect anti-virus programs to stop functioning Dr.Web.
- Mail antivirus monitor SpIDer Mail on the fly scans each message and delivers to your email program just pure writing. Built-in module antispama It keeps out all unwanted mail and protect against malicious cyber-bully.
- The web antivirus SpIDer Gate in real-time filtering HTTP-traffic for viruses, blocking fishingovye and other dangerous websites.
- Parental Control Dr.Web protects your children from visiting undesirable from your point of view, the pages protected from contact with older people, con artists, deviants and other dangerous individuals.





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