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Monday, 8 June 2009

Da Booty Shop (2009)

Tyrone Johnson (Marcello Thedford) is in jail. As a result his sister Yolanda (Trina McGee), an exotic dancer, inherits Tyrone s struggling hair salon business. She first sees the shop as a burden and waste of her time. She puts the shop up for sale and finds a buyer very quickly. But Yolanda eventually sees that the beauty biz could be a better future than the stripping biz, and changes her mind, angering the buyer, who retaliates with a vengeance.
Yolanda decides to get her exotic dancing girlfriends together in order to keep the shop open... with a twist! Sexy girls, good haircuts-- the neighborhood goes wild!
Da Booty Shop is a hilarious comedy filled with colorful characters who share their stories, jokes, trials and tribulations.




angel said...

Don't mislead people. There were NO sexy girls besides the lead actress.

Its hilarity only comes from unintentional comedy.

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