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Sunday, 24 May 2009

Kris Allen - American Idol Season 8

Akhirnya.. Kris Allen menang. Ujang memang suka Kris tapi dari persembahan yang di sampaikan pada konsert akhir.. Ujang akui Adam Lambert lebih menguasai pentas. Suaranya lebih sedap berbanding Kris. Tapi apakan daya, undian peminat, terima je lah!

Kris Allen - American Idol Season 8
Genre: Live and Studio | 2009 | 44,1kHz | MP3 | 128Kbps | 16.7MB


01. Aint No Sunshine (Live Performance)
02. Beautiful Moon (Studio Recordings)
03. Falling Slowly (Studio Recordings)
04. How Sweet It Is (To Be Loved By You) Studio Recordings
05. Apologize (Live Performance)
06. Heartless (Live Performance)
07. She Works Hard For The Money(Live Performance)
08. Come Together (Studio Recordings)
09. What's Going On (Studio Recordings)

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