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Wednesday, 11 April 2007

Kitten Sanctuary 1.01.2

The once peaceful Kitten Island is being invaded by creatures from another world! These pesky aliens have set up traps loaded with tempting kitten goodies. Free trapped kittens and keep them safe in your kitten sanctuaries. Use the goodies you acquire from the traps to keep your rescued kittens happy or they may just wander off and get captured again!

Your kittens will love the food, drink and warmth you provide for them, but if supplies are running low you can always use the kitten toys you purchase to give their spirits a boost!

Kitten Sanctuary Features :
* 50 cute kittens, each with their own story.
* 100 levels with three game modes variations.
* Nine fun toys to help keep your kittens happy.
* Buy your kittens extra gifts and decorations.
* Four unique sanctuary locations to customize.
* DirectX based sound and visual FX.
* Free support and updates.
* Full 30 day money back Guarantee.

System Requirements :
* Windows Vista, XP or 2000
* 950 MHz processor
* 256 MB of system RAM
* 60 MB of hard disk space
* 3D video card (128 MB)
* DirectX 8.1




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